Sergej The Freak / Deville ‎– Sergej The Freak Meets Deville


This two Swedish (what else!) bands write extreme catchy songs, and among the successful results one can find tracks like  „Nothing Good“ or the psychedelic-sounding „Time Is Mine“ (SERGEJ THE FREAK) while DEVILLE knows to entertain me with the heavy opener „Hands Of Mine“ , „Seven“ which is a short but very atmospheric and laid-back number, or „Get It Right“. But some songs are a little bit to catchy for my taste, and due to the reason that I don’t like Queens Of The Stone Age I feel a little bit bored from their dominant influence here. For the case that you don’t share my opinion, then you should add this disc to your list. I guess, you won’t be disappointed!

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12 Dec 2005